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Natural & Artificial Light Automation

One of the most important aspects of your home is lighting. It can set the mood, help you stay productive into the evening, and create a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you have artificial lighting in your home, or you’d like to manage your natural light resources a bit more, Simple Domotics can help. 

With our easy smart home automation, configuring your home lighting preferences has never been easier. Our system is designed to help you control and manage your lighting the way you like it, and automate according to your routine. You can set up a balance between natural and artificial lighting, control different lighting across rooms, and set up easy schedules for energy savings from just a few taps on your phone. 


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Interested in Lighting?

Lighting Up Your Day

Simple Domotics can be set up to execute a variety of functions when it comes to managing your lighting. You can easily configure dimmers for your lamps and spotlights, or even control and automate when you’d like your blinds and drapes open and shut every day. And best of all, you can do all of this, and more, from your smartphone. 

Our system is designed around your comfort, and making your home the haven it should be. Controlling the lighting can help make your space truly feel like home by working around your schedules and routines. Once all the automation is set up, it can also give you a better idea of how energy is being consumed in your home, and ways to potentially cut down if needed by setting up more automation controls. 



Helping Your Home Settle into Your Routine

Simple Domotics can help you introduce new routines easily. Like to wake up to natural light, but not really sure how to make that a consistent part of your routine? You can easily automate what time your blinds and drapes open and close according to sunrise and sunset times so that your body has natural cues on when it should be awake and asleep. 

Our automation system is based on the principle of set and forget. With a few easy steps, you can control more of your environment and customize it to your needs and comfort levels. Without even having to think about it, your home will naturally be yours and it stays that way until you decide to change it. 

Complete Autonomy

Lighting automation puts you in control of your home to help you create the environment in which you feel most comfortable, and balance natural and artificial light. With Simple Domotics, you’re not limited to how you can customize your smart home automation, and aren’t confined to specific areas of the home. You can set up individual lighting preferences for different rooms, motion detection for efficient power conservation and a host of other settings. 

The Simple Domotics Smart Home Automation system allows you to make your home its most comfortable without running up power bills or wasting energy resources. You no longer have to compromise on being welcomed home by a well-lit house in order to save on energy, or worry about getting out from under the blankets to turn the lights off at night.

Ready to light up your home with custom smart home automation? Call 416-429-5577 or email to set up an appointment with the Simple Domotics team, and let us help you create lighting profiles that work around you!

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