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Struggling to Find the Right Home Temperature with Unpredictable Weather?

Are you tired of sometimes needing the heat running in the morning, but also needing A/C by the afternoon? Simple Domotics is thoughtfully designed to make managing your home temperature around your life as easy and comfortable as possible. 

With simple configurations for smart home automation, Simple Domotics is able to make your house feel more like a home, and provide a new level of comfort with sophisticated heating and cooling system controls. Whether you want to control your home temperature realtime, or set up if-and-then conditional automations, the Simple Domotics system is equipped to seamlessly integrate with the way you live and the routines you follow.

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Interested in Comfort?

Functionality & Comfort in One Solution

Our smart home automation system has all the functionality you need to make your home as comfortable as possible for you and your family. With more control and regulation over the temperature in the house, you can easily set up your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently - and without you having to constantly get up to change the thermostat depending on everyone else’s comfort level. 

With the Simple Domotics system, you can schedule heating and cooling to match your family’s routines. You can configure presets that it can self-adjust, such as making it warmer at night or cooler during the day. Or you can set up the system so that your HVAC system is only running when your family is at home. With sophisticated geo-fencing technology integrations, the Simple Domotics sytem can detect when you’re no longer within your desired radius of the home and automatically shut off your HVAC system, helping you conserve energy and resources. 

And best of all, you can do all this and more, simply, through your smartphone.

Convenient Home Temperature Control

Temperature in Toronto and the GTA can be unpredictable. From the transition between seasons, to day to day climate fluctuations, or temperature surges or drops within the very same day, your thermostat could require constant adjustments to keep up. With Simple Domotics, you can create custom heating and cooling preferences based on the time of day, automate to switch between systems when a certain internal temperature is detected, and override presets when necessary with realtime controls, all from your smartphone.

Customized Home Comfort Automation

At Simple Domotics, we understand how important a comfortable home temperature is to overall well-being. We also know that with busy schedules, it can be difficult to remember to adjust your thermostat before rushing to work in the morning, and annoying to sit through traffic only to come home to a house that is too warm or too cool. 

Your comfort is important, and Simple Domotics enables you to take more control and help you in customizing your home temperature settings to ensure your home’s environment is as comfortable as possible, no matter your preferences, or how the weather changes. 

Contact the Simple Domotics team to find out how we can help take away the stress and worry of one of the most costly everyday household functions, and make your life that much easier, comfortable, while saving you money! 

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