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With Simple Domotics, automating your home becomes, well, simple! Our automation system is designed for your ease and comfort, and to help create a smart home that works around you. By working in tandem with other systems such as geo-fencing, our system allows you to customize and automate as you see fit. 

Whether it’s lighting, security, or home comfort, Simple Domotics is there for you. Our easy to use system can help you in getting your home automated in no time without a fuss. We’ve designed Simple Domotics to be a seamless addition to your home that adapts to your routine and is built for true functionality for your ease and comfort. Whether it’s just for you or for your family, Simple Domotics is able to adapt to it all.

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Interested in Automation?

Easy automation to match your routine

Simple Domotics is designed with you in mind, and to make customizing your home easy and simple to execute. Whether you have a set routine, or you need some flexibility, you can add simple or if-and-then automation in your home to help make navigating your schedule a little easier.

Night owl or early bird? Either way, your automation is about you. With our easy to use automation system, you can easily program your home’s specific settings to match with your routine. Set automations for opening blinds, and brewing coffee in the morning, and for turning off lights and the tv if you’re prone to falling asleep on the couch.

You can set your Simple Domotics system to detect when you’re leaving so that it can turn off lights, lower the thermostat or shut down power to specific items. You can also create profiles for how your home should react to various emergencies to reduce their impact, while saving you power and energy. 

Ready to come home? Simple Domotics is waiting for you! It’ll automatically detect your return and bring your environment back to the way you like it, without you having to lift a finger. You can have additional automation set for when you come home to make your environment as welcoming as possible.

Automation for the Whole Family

Simple Domotics is a family tool, and it can be used to automate your own routine as well as your family’s. You can even ensure your kids are safe after school by setting the system to automate their schedules. Keep your family safe and secure while you’re not at home with some simple commands that you can set and forget without needing to worry.

For example, with Simple Domotics, you can automate a simple routine to keep your kids safe when they are home alone. Once they are back from school, your smart home system will detect when they arrive home and start a few simple processes. It will deactivate your alarm system, ensure the doors are locked once they are inside. Simple Domotics can notify you if kids leave the home without you knowing, as well as any outdoor motions detected until you are home as well. You can even control security and doorbell cameras, right from your smartphone, for extra peace of mind. With Simple Domotics smart home automation in place, your family is safe and secure.

A Smart Home at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re looking for some small changes to your home environment to match your routine, or automate parts of your house for your family’s comfort, Simple Domotics is the right tool for you. We offer an easy automation system that allows your home to be smarter while you relax. You customize everything else about your home from flooring to furniture - why not customize the devices you use every day? With Simple Domotics, custom home automation is simple.

Check out our Smart Home Guide.

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