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Smart Home Guide

Make your home a smart home

Big house or a small condo, new construction of century old reconstruction - it does not matter. Any home can become a smart home. With ease control all systems to make your home safe, convenient, and comfortable.

What is a smart home?

Smart locks Smart doorbellsSmart home is a system of solutions that through automation of day-to-day activities relieves you from everyday routine. Be it smart thermostat to control temperature and humidity, or intelligent lighting system that orchestrates lights throughout the day, or connected door lock that ensures your peace of mind - all of these make a part of a smart home. The main goal of home automation is to improve overall quality of life.

Dim the lights with a single touch, listen to music, control temperature, and lock the doors. Look at the surveillance camera feed to check who is at the door from anywhere in the world. Even open the garage door for the delivery driver to drop off the package safely.

Once you try you will be surprised how you lived before without all these features.

Smart climate control

Smart thermostat for smart homeControlling the climate in your home is an easy task for any member of your household. Through smart thermostats it is possible to control the HVAC system, floor heating, and fireplace. Change climate settings through applications on mobile devices or through voice assistants. Enable schedules to control temperature and humidity in your home throughout the day.

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Smart lighting and shading

Turn on or off multiple lights in multiple rooms or in the whole house with one touch, turn on lights in home theatre, by pausing the movie. If needed, lighting will turn off automatically, if there is no one in the room. Lighting can turn on and off automatically to make an impression that home is occupied when you are away on vacation.Smart lighting and automated shades control via smart keypad for your smart home

Without effort raise, lower or tilt window blinds and shades either one by one or control them together as a group. Use automated window coverings to block excessive heat on hot summer days or let in natural sunlight when desired. Setup automated blinds and shades to operate in concert with artificial lighting and climate control.

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Smart safety

Smart camera surveillance system for smart homeCheck what is going on at home from anywhere. Receive notifications about the garage door that was left open or a water leak in the basement. Lock doors remotely or check real time video streams from surveillance cameras. Smart home safety system will allow you to control the situation and will bring a real sense of security.

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