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How many times have you left the house wondering whether you unplugged the iron? Have you found yourself rushing home after work to turn on the lights and close the blinds to protect your home and family’s security?

At Simple Domotics, we believe your home shouldn’t control your routine. With simplified, customized home automation, you can program and control your lighting, security, and home comfort preferences to create a truly smart home that supports your routine!

Serving the entire Greater Toronto Area and Peterborough, the Simple Domotics team understands the need for convenience in order to manage the demands of busy city life. Dense traffic and unpredictable weather can make it impossible to get home quickly, especially in emergencies, while safety and security continues to be a major concern.


about_imgWhat is Domotics?

Domotics is a word used interchageably with home automation, but focuses on the actual functions of home automation.

Derived from the word “domus” - latin for “home” - and “robotics”, domotics describes the relationship between information technology and electronic devices, and how they can be “taught” or programmed to meet the user’s needs. 

Custom Home Automation with Simple Domotics

Smart home automation by Simple Domotics not only lets you control your home through your smartphone, but also pre-program your daily routine, if-and-then conditional automation, and even how to function in the case of emergencies.

Like to wake up to natural light? Schedule your blinds and drapes to automatically open when you need to start your day each morning.

Are you forgetful? Have your smart home automation distinguish when you’ve left for the day, and automatically lower the thermostat and shut down power to parts of your home. Worried about flooding? Program your water line to shut off when leaks are detected. You can even make sure your kids are safe after school by letting your smart home detect when they arrive home to deactivate your home alarm system, ensure doors are locked when they get inside, and notify you when outdoor activity is detected until you also get home.

No matter what your schedule is like, Simple Domotics puts the power in your hands to create exactly the home environment you and your family need! Our technicians combine geo-fencing technology with the unique functions and settings of your home’s individual devices to seamlessly implement complex systems that are easy to control. We’re equipped to configure smart home processes for:

  • Natural light automation for curtains and blinds 
  • Artificial lighting and dimmers
  • Thermostat controls and automation
  • Security and doorbell cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Smart locks
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
  • Water shut off

Are you ready to create a true smart home? Contact the team at Simple Domotics to get started today! We’ll identify all the devices in your home that you can automate, identify your current challenges that create the need to automate, and discuss your family’s habits and routines to understand the best ways to customize your home automation profiles around your lifestyle!

Don’t spend your time worrying about what’s happening at home! Let Simple Domotics create convenience, peace of mind, and control, so you can enjoy being present, whereever you are! With Simple Domotics, smart home automation is simplified!

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