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Simple Domotics offers fool-proof, customized smart home automation (or domotics) throughout Toronto, the GTA and Peterborough. As experienced leaders in smart home technology for Lighting, Home Comfort, Security, and Automation, Simple Domotics makes it easier than ever to conveniently program the various functions of your home according to your family’s specific habits, routines, and preferences. With Simple Domotics, configuring and managing your smart home is simplified!

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Lighting Lighting

From artificial lighting, to managing natural light sources in your home, Simple Domotics makes it easy to configure your home lighting preferences with it’s smart home automation system. Easily dim your lamps and potlights using your smartphone, or even control and automate when your blinds and drapes open each day, and close each night, so you can focus on starting and ending your day focusing on what matters most - you.

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Comfort Comfort

Simple Domotics configures thoughtful smart home comfort automation, and enables users to fully customize their home comfort preferences throughout the day. With Simple Domotics technology, your heating and cooling systems can be managed right from your smartphone, and self-adjust according to preset preferences, like when it detects you’re away from home, or at nighttime when your family goes to bed.

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Safety Safety

Emergencies can happen at any time. Fires, floods, and carbon monoxide can wreak havoc on your home, while breakins and robberies are situations no homeowner ever wants to deal with. With Simple Domotics smart home automation, you can rest assured that your home and family are safe and secure. We’ll configure your home’s smartlocks, security systems, even your water supply, to detect when you’re no longer in close proximity to your home. Your Simple Domotics smart home will automatically engage them, so you never have to worry whether you forgot to lock the front door, or left the kitchen sink running again!

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Automation Automation

Home automation has never been easier with Simple Domotics. Using Simple Domotics automation system in tandem with geo-fencing technology, you can customize and automate almost any aspect of your home, including lighting, security, and home comfort. Program your home’s specific settings to detect when you leave, so it can turn off lights, lower the thermostat, or shut down power altogether to eliminate the risk of emergencies while you’re out. Simple Domotics will detect when you’re on your way back, and ensure you’re welcomed home to exactly the environment you want, without lifting a finger!

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What is domotics?

Contraction of domestic robotics. Alternatively, from the Latin domus (“home”) (do·​mus | \ ˈdōməs\), and robotics (ro·​bot·​ics | \ rō-ˈbä-tiks\).

  • Robotic technology for use in the home.

  • The automatic control of home appliances by electronic systems.

Derived from the latin word “domus”, meaning house or home, combined with the word “robotics”, domotics referrs to the combination of electrotechnics and information technology in order to control electronic devices, and create what is commonly known as a “smart” system. 

While domotics and home automation are used interchangeably, smart home automation by Simple Domotics focuses on more than just turning items on and off with your smartphone. Simple Domotics integrates with all features, functions and settings of the various devices in your living space, to create a sophisticated smart home environment. 

Create truly custom profiles for all aspects, moods, and routines in yours and your family’s day-to-day life. Home domotics by Simple Domotics allows homeowners to set geographic and conditional preferences, so your devices work together to create the optimal home environment and comfort. 

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